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Philips Avent
Single Electric Breast Pump with Natural PA Bottle 125ml & Fast Electric Bottle Warmer Bundle Set (10 Sets Only)
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Breast Pump
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  • 1) Philips Avent Single Electric Breast Pump
  • Natural motion technology for a quick milk flow
  • One size fits all, the silicone cushion gently flexes and adapts to fit your nipple. It fits 99.98% of nipple sizes (up to 30mm)
  • Easy cleaning & assembly
  • Quiet motor
  • Memory function
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Motor display
  • BPA free
  • -
  • 2) Philips Avent Natural PA Bottle 125ml
  • The wide breast shaped teat promotes natural latch on similar to the breast, making it easy to combine breast and bottle feeding
  • The spiral design combined with our comfort petals inside the nipple increases softness and the flexibility allowing natural tongue movement without nipple collapse
  • Unique anti-colic valve technology to reduces fussing and discomfort by venting air away from baby's tummy
  • Wide bottle neck makes filling and cleaning easy
  • Easy to hold and grip in any direction for maximum comfort, even for baby's tiny hands
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  • 3) Philips Avent Fast Electric Bottle Warmer
  • Gently and evenly heats, no hotspots as the milk circulates during warming
  • Works with all Philips Avent bottles, toddler cups and most food jars
  • Heats milk in 3 minutes
  • Gentle defrost setting for baby bottles
  • It can also be used to warm baby food
  • Compatible with Philips Avent bottles and containers
  • 4) Hapi Moms Lactation Cookies 192g
  • Nutritionist and lactationist formulated to support breastmilk supply
  • Combination of galactagogue ingredients that hellp to boost breastmilk supply
  • Two Cookies in a sachet for hygiene and convenience
  • Halal certified
  • 1 x Philips Avent Single Electric Breast Pump
  • 1 x Philips Avent Natural PA Bottle 125ml
  • 1 x Philips Avent Fast Electric Bottle Warmer
  • 1 x Hapi Moms Lactation Cookies 192g


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