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Smart Classic UV-C LED Sterilizer & 7Alite UltraPortable Breast Pump Bundle Set
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Breast Pump , Warmers & Sterilizers
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  • 1) Haenim NexusFitâ„¢ 7Alite UltraPortable Breast Pump
  • More silent and battery power saving
  • Efficient, soft and quick double pumping (Closed System)
  • 215g Breast Pump that fits in the palm of your hand
  • Powerful in expression with the Turbo function
  • Total 36 levels mode : 9 Level of Massage, 9 Levels of Turbo Massage, 9 Levels of Expression & 9 Levels of Turbo Expression mode
  • Complete with NexusFitâ„¢ Breastpump Accessories (2 sets):
  • Made as a single silicone and plastic component
  • Material quality improved for both silicone valve and silicone diaphragm
  • Comes with one size that can fit from 20 - 32 mm of nipple sizes
  • The inner pump body part designed to prevent back flow effectively
  • Flexibility tubing direction suitable for hands free pumping
  • Compact pump body design, easy to store
  • Ergonomic design to allow pumping session at more comfortable position
  • Provide equal pressure throughout pumping, resulting in lowering the pain and increase the soothe factor
  • Easy to clean & storage
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  • 2) Haenim Smart Classic UV-C LED Sterilizer
  • Best selling UV Sterilizer in South East Asia
  • Most efficient drying time and easy storage function
  • Eliminate 99.9 percent harmful viruses and bacteria, efficiency tested and certified by laboratory in KOREA, JAPAN and FDA Registered
  • Main four functions: Auto, Dry, UV LED, Storage & few new additional functions: Turbo, Smart, Clean alert, UV LED malfunction sensor, adjustable rack, with water tray
  • New Touch Buttons - No more worries about wet fingers damaging your set!
  • New DUAL ventilation fans! Improved drying power!
  • 99.9% Sterilizing Power - Lab Proven!
  • Using 9 UV-C LED for complete sterilization
  • Long lasting UV LED life time up to 1,200,000 minutes!
  • No ozone odor during sterilization process
  • Items turn yellowish slower compared to sterilizing with UV Lamp
  • Dries & Sterilizes - No More Air Drying Needed!
  • Large - Saves Time! Up to 16 bottles!
  • Lowest Maintenance Cost, No More UV Lamps to change every year
  • Storage Function - Keep Items Sterile & Ventilate every hour, ups to 8 hours
  • Easy to Clean - Simply Wipe with Clean Damp Cloth
  • External Dimensions: 29.5cm (W) x 42.5cm (H) x 37.5cm (D)
  • Internal Dimensions: 26cm (W) x 33cm (H) x 29cm (D)
  • Available in 4 colours: WHITE-GOLD, WHITE-METAL, GREY-GOLD, GREY-METAL
  • Made in KOREA
  • Two (2) Years Warranty; Five (5) Years Warranty for LED
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  • 3) MIIU Breast Milk Collection Shell
  • To collect the dripping breast milk from one breast while you breastfeed or pump on the other breast
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  • 5) Haenim 60 Pcs Milk Storage bags
  • Provide double zip for ultimate protection from leakage and ensure milk uncontaminated during storage
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  • 5) Handsfree Collection Cups
  • Able to fill up to 240ml / 8oz for one cup, with 28mm funnel size
  • Consist of backflow prevention components
  • BPA Free material
  • Wear under shirt which can keep hands free and able to do other activities while pumping
  • Easy to assemble and dissemble
  • Make pumping session more comfortable with flexible silicone material adhere to skin
  • Compatible with Haenim Breast pump models eg. 7S, 7A, 7A-Lite, 7V+ & 7X Hospital-grade Breastpump and others
  • Free (1 pair) 21mm areola shield for better fitting
  • Clear mark measurement on the side of cups for instant check
  • Make storage easier by transferring milk into storage bottle or storage bag through designated hole on top
  • Easy to clean by washing in boiling water or sterilizing in a Haenim UV sterilizer
  • Comes with the set of 2
  • 1 x Haenim NexusFitâ„¢ 7Alite UltraPortable Breast Pump
  • 1 x Haenim Smart Classic UV-C LED Sterilizer
  • 1 x Handsfree Collection Cups
  • 1 Pair x MIIU Breast Milk Collection Shell
  • 1 x Haenim 60 Pcs Milk Storage bags


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