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Natural Feeling Feeding Bottle 150ml & Physio Soft Soothers Bundle Set
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  • 1) 1 x Chicco Natural Feeling Feeding Bottle 150ml
  • The bottle range that replicate the instinctive breastfeeding as at mother’s breast
  • The angled teat allows a natural latch and suction; the special satin finish of the teat provides a feeling of softness and delicacy
  • The special shape of the teat, enable to replicate same sucking motion and allows a natural latch as at mum’s breast
  • Double anti-colic valve ensures maximum protection from colic
  • Furthermore, the teat always remains full of milk to prevent air ingestion
  • The special silicone “mum effect”, the softness and flexibility of the teat helps to reproduce the natural sucking and make the transition between breast and bottle easy
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  • 2) 1 x Chicco Physio Soft Soothers
  • Extra soft sensation on the skin, are designed not to disturb baby even during sleep
  • With ACTIVE Teat that favours the correct growth of the mouth: Promotes the natural positioning of the tongue; evenly distributes pressure over the palate, for correct oral development
  • Like the mother’s breast: the base of the shield is soft and rounded, as the mother’s breast, this allows comfortable lip support and reduces saliva stagnation, which causes irritation
  • 1 x Chicco Natural Feeling Feeding Bottle 150ml
  • 1 x Chicco Physio Soft Soothers


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